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What Are The Key 2024 Wedding Trends?

What are the key 2024 Wedding trends?

When it comes to planning a wedding it can often be difficult to know where to start. The most important thing for your big day is to stay true to your own vision, as that is what makes a wedding personal and unique. However, it doesn’t hurt to get a few ideas from the latest wedding themes that are trending. So, if you’re looking for some wedding idea inspiration, let’s explore the top 2024 wedding trends. Here’s what’s in store for 2024.

1. Vibrant Colours! 

While pretty pastels and neutrals will always be popular colours for weddings, this year we’re seeing couples making bolder colour choices in which to paint their love story. Vibrant colours, retro hues and even disco themes are all set to be big wedding colour trends for 2024 – all guaranteed to look sensational in those wedding photo booth pictures!

2. Sustainable wedding ideas

True sustainability is a key wedding trend for 2024. Sustainability and identifying how weddings can be more sustainable and eco-friendly is big on the agenda for lots of couples. At Mapperton, we understand this desire to host a more sustainable wedding. That’s why we only allow real petal confetti and we don’t use plastic straws. We has also found that couples are increasingly opting for locally sourced food and wedding flowers and researching how to create sustainable wedding centrepieces for their tables.

3. Use of Wedding Celebrants

Couples are increasingly using wedding celebrants to host services that celebrate their marriage. A celebrant cannot perform a legal marriage ceremony, but are used for celebratory services. At Mapperton, there’s been a big increase in the number of couples choosing to have a celebrant-led ceremony with their family and friends, often as a way of celebrating marriages that took place during the Covid lockdowns. A celebrant will work with a couple to create a personal ceremony that is completely unique and meaningful. 

4. Audio Guestbook

An audio guestbook is a fun way to capture a few heartfelt words from your guests. There’s nothing like a bit of spontaneity when it comes to speaking from the heart to leave a lasting impression!

5. Sustainable Wedding Dress

In keeping with the sustainable wedding theme, there’s been a growing trend for sustainable wedding dresses. Brides are increasingly looking to hire their wedding dress or are choosing to customise second-hand or vintage wedding dresses as a way of making their big days more eco-friendly.

6. The return of the Veil

The wedding veil is making something of a comeback for 2024. As cost-conscious couples are opting more for wedding dress hire, then a wedding veil becomes an affordable way to lend some personal style to your wedding attire.

7. Venues with onsite accomodation 

A venue that has guest accommodation onsite for the wedding party means there’s one less thing to worry about when planning your wedding. And it means you can have all your closest friends and family celebrating with you long into the early hours. Couples are realising that it makes financial sense too; onsite accommodation often works out more cost-effective than local hotels and you don’t have to worry about arranging taxis or minibuses to shuttle guests home after the evening reception. Weddings at Mapperton include stunning accommodation options for up to 12 guests, with more accommodation coming in 2025.
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