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A Guide To Wedding Dress Cleaning And Preservation

A Guide to Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

There are many things to consider when you are planning your wedding, and one thing you may not have considered yet is what to do with your dress once the big day is over.

Your wedding dress will hold a special place in your heart, so it’s important to make sure that it can be treasured for many years to come in the best possible condition.

That’s why you need to know all about the professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation process, including when to get it done, how it works and what it costs.

What is wedding dress cleaning?

You might think you can simply put your dress in the washing machine or take it to your local dry cleaners once your wedding is over, but this is not the case. For a piece you have likely invested in, you do not want to risk damaging it during the cleaning process!

That is why professional wedding dress cleaners exist – they use a very delicate but highly effective process to ensure that the dress is cleaned as best as it can be without damage. A bespoke approach is required, rather than a one-size-fits-all method, and specialist cleaners will give your dress the attention it deserves.

Here at Confetti, our process begins with getting some details about the dress and working out the best approach for the garment. The dress will then be treated with a gentle cleaner and any stains will be given special attention.

What is wedding dress preservation?

Once your wedding dress is clean, you don’t want to just chuck it in the back of a closet or keep it in a garment bag. This can risk the dress turning yellow with age and the fabric may even degrade over time with exposure to the elements.

Therefore, it is best that you get your dress preserved after it has been professionally cleaned. This involves any necessary repairs, followed by steaming and pressing, all before the dress is wrapped in layers of acid-free tissue paper and placed in a special pH-neutral storage box.

What does the process typically cost?

While prices typically start around £150-£200, the cost of having your wedding dress professionally cleaned depends on the fabric, length, number of layers, embellishments and any stains or yellowing that has occurred. The preservation process will also cost extra but it is usually worth it to ensure that your dress stays in great condition in the future. You might also choose to have additional items cleaned, such as your veil or any bridesmaids’ dresses.

When should you have your wedding dress cleaned?

It is always best to get your wedding dress cleaned sooner rather than later, so you can even consider it as part of your wedding planning! However, even if your wedding dress has been hanging up for months or even years after your wedding, it is still possible to have it cleaned, restored and preserved.

About the author: Confetti Wedding Dress Cleaning are specialists devoted to the cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses. They love all things relating to weddings and are committed to helping you restore and save the treasured memories from your special day.

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