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Eco-friendly weddings at Mapperton

We’ve taken steps to ensure that weddings at Mapperton will have a limited impact on the environment, as we are very mindful of both our carbon footprint and the importance of recycling wherever possible.

When we designed the Coach House we installed a biomass boiler system which means that all the heating and hot water is generated from a renewable energy source.  You are welcome to see the system as part of your visit here.

Our Biomass Boiler Produces Heating And Hot Water For The Coach House

But there are other ways in which we are minimising our ecological footprint:

  • All the lighting in the Coach House is low energy, using LED bulbs wherever possible
  • We minimise the printing of materials, using online forms and PDFs instead of wasteful brochures and print-outs
  • We only use glass bottles and glasses or paper cups to reduce our plastic waste
  • We take recycling very seriously, and take immense care to ensure as much waste is recycled as possible
  • We use local suppliers whenever possible to minimise delivery miles
  • We will also provide suggestions for minimising your wedding footprint, for example:
    • We can recycle any leftover stationery
    • Wedding dresses and other items of wedding clothing can live wonderful second lives (for example via
    • Decorate using recycled materials and dried flowers which can be given away after the event
    • Choose in-season food from local producers for your wedding breakfast

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