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Vintage Weddings Are Making A Comeback!

Vintage weddings are making a comeback!

There are many different wedding themes to choose from but vintage weddings have really made a comeback of late. Below we share our tips for creating the perfect vintage look!

  • Real lace gowns add a pretty vintage feel. Opting for a lace, geometric patterns and intricate buttons will keep your bridal wear looking timeless
  • Rather than top hat and tails opt for tweeds and bow ties
  • Forget your chintzy china and that collection of jam jars with tea lights. If you want vintage go for trestle tables, tweeds and Kilner cups with pink rose lemonade
  • Stay away from round tables with table cloths, chivari chairs and chair covers. Keep it simple with wood. Old trestles are a much prettier alternative
  • When choosing flowers, think about what your grandma grew in her garden. Scented stock, roses, peonies and carnations are some old-fashioned standbys. Think about adding wheat for a truly vintage look
  • Large metal milk churns are perfect to house all those flowers and foliage
  • Add candlelight wherever possible and keep to simple whites and ivories
  • Reflect your vintage theme in your entertainment with a show-stopping flapper dance, or perhaps play your music through an old record player. If you want to go with a modern twist you could hire a photo booth full of classic vintage props!
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